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Membership Types

Club Affiliation

A Club may become affiliated to NAW upon payment of the Affiliation Fee.

The Affiliation Fee is calculated according to the number of members of the Club who are not also Individual or Joint Members of NAW, as at the end of February in the current calendar year.

For the 2022 year (1/Apr/22 – 31/Mar/23) the fee rate will be $12 per non NAW member or $80, whichever is larger

Affiliation membership entitles the Club to:

  • Insurance cover (Broadform and Statutory Liability) under the NAW policy
  • Access to the NAW Affiliated Clubs Reference Manual including Health & Safety
  • The right to vote at NAW General Meetings – 1 vote for every 10 members
  • Opportunity to apply for sponsorship for interclub events

The Affiliation Fee payment process:

The Affiliated Club advises the NAW Membership Secretary by email,  of the number of members they have at their club as of 28 February each year.  It is very important to be as accurate as possible to ensure no issues from the Insurance Company should an insurance claim need to be lodged.

The NAW Membership Secretary will cross reference this data with the number of NAW Individual Members the Club has and forward a fee notification.

Clubs who have not paid their Affiliated fee as of 30 April will no longer be deemed to be a member and will no longer be covered by the NAW Insurance etc.

Please note – For the avoidance of doubt, the affiliation of a Club to NAW does not mean that Club’s members automatically become NAW Members.  Individuals who wish to become NAW Members can only do so by separate application and payment of the applicable subscription fee as per the Individual NAW Membership.


Individual NAW Membership

Individual NAW Membership entitles the individual to:

  • Four Creative Wood Magazines per year
  • Access to discounts for NAW Events
  • Discount App for use at a multitude of retail outlets
  • Your Affiliated Club fee is included in your individual subscription
  • Right to vote at NAW General Meetings and stand for Committee

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries

More details on individual membership