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Safety Inspection Checklist

All of the following information is available in a WORD file or a PDF file that can be downloaded via the buttons below.


Area / ItemCheck
First Aid KitWell stocked, check “use-by” dates on all items
Fire extinguisherChecked by a professional 12 monthly
Emergency phone numbers
Emergency numbers up to date and legible
TelephoneHave access to a telephone in the workshop
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Eyes, Ears, Lungs & Body
Protect eyes if there is a risk of flying objects
Protect ears with extreme noise
Protect lungs when there is dust
Protect body with a cover-all and use gloves
Escape routesAll Exits clear and marked
WalkwaysClearly defined walkways to Exits
Tripping hazardsExtension leads and airlines out of walkways
Boxes and clutter removed from floor
Clear walkways to fire exits
Shelves and storage areasShelves – items positioned securely
Stacked neatly to prevent falling objects
Earthquake ProofingCabinets and lockers attached to walls
LightingGood lighting over benches and machines
Machines ServiceableAll belts okay – no fraying or wear
Belts tensioned correctly and guards in place
Mounts in good repair
All bolts tight and No surface rust
Machines bolted in position
No unusual vibration or noisy operation
All guards in place and correctly adjusted
Electrical HazardsAll cords and plugs sound and no exposed wires
Isolating transformer or RCD in use on all electrical
FlammablesStored away from electrical equipment
Stored near a doorway
Used in well ventilated area
Lockable if youngsters frequent premises
Caustic substancesUse PPE to protect against harmful effects – eg gloves, mask and coveralls
Used in well ventilated area
SpillsWipe up all spills when they happen
OverloadingConsult manufacturers specifications on loading capacities for machines and lifting gear
Tools and EquipmentAll hand-tools on a shadow board and returned after use
All cutting tools kept sharp
Unplug power supply on machines if there is a risk if children entering workshop unattended