Taranaki Woodcraft Festival 2019
Online Entry Form

Closing dates

Entry application by November 13th 2019

Delivered Entries by

4.30 pm on Wed 4th December
Can also be dropped off on Mon 2nd 1.30pm -4pm, Tues 3rd Dec 1.30pm-4pm or Wed 10am-4.30pm
To Bruce Cowley
9 Manukaka Heights, New Plymouth
Ph 027 444 5131
Or Tony Waterson
41 Celia Street, Stratford
Ph 022 372 4861

Couriered Entries

to arrive by 4th December
To Bruce Cowley
9 Manukaka Heights
New Plymouth
If unable to deliver through the above hours
Please phone Bruce or Tony.
All Couriered & Delivered entries must be received by 4.30 pm Wednesday 4th December 2019