Turangi Jamboree 2006

A selection of pieces and people

That time of the year has been and gone and each year, we as the hosts get a great kick out of seeing all the regular delegates and this year in particular a raft of new faces.

The atmosphere seems to develop like a good wine and improves with time and although I seem to get little turning done it thrills me and my fellow Lake Taupo members to see so much activity during the course of the week end.

It is a time for all to see new techniques and perfected skills by some of NZ’s top woodies and we as an organisation are so very lucky to have such a wealth of information crossover that assists everyone that cares to partake.

I’d like to thank all the delegates who attended as without you there would be no Turangi. It is also a time for our faithful trade reps. to show off and sell all the standard bits and bobs we need and new developments coming through onto the market.

So as an indicator for you there were more shavings to sweep away at the end of the do and the newly polished floor of the hall seems to have come through without any blemish’s.

The concept of the One Tree challenge was for me taken up reasonably well and although I received some constructive criticism on the day, when it is finished it will give a small insight into what the Bodgers of the past contended with. Their equipment, primitive by our standards, and workshop space,ha ha, was such that they could easily move if needs be. How many of us could upsticks and shift our man caves at the drop of a hat!!,because we are all Steptoes of the Wood world at heart and this is reflected in the size of the heaps of wood that pile up around us!!.

Now that we have had a look at the new set-up in Turangi if you have any constructive suggestions as to getting more out of the weekend for everybody then please feel free to contact us. So that’s about me for now and we look forward to entertaining you and your friends all again next year.

Yours in woodturning, dust up your nose etc, Chris Hooton (HOOT)
NB. have you heard the one about the- – – – to hear the rest you’ll have to come to Turangi 2007.

Please enjoy a look at a selection of Photos by Dick Veitch.