Treeworkx Competition

June 2017


Warwick Day






Router, Pyrography, Turquoise Flock on inside


Bronze Paint


120mm high


South Auckland Woodturners Guild


8 years

Entries from the Manawatu Woodworkers Guild

Borromean Rings

Wood: Totara
Finish: Tung Oil
Size: 50mm x 50mm.
Experience: 1 year

Michael Osborne

Square Ball

Wood: Ash
Finish: Buffed Wax
Size:  100mm x 100mm.
Experience: 1 year

Michael Osborne

Entries from the Northland Woodturners and Woodworkers Club


Wood: Bottle Brush
Embellished: Plastic Tube & Artificial Flowers
Finish: Kauream
Size: 220mm x 130mm.
Experience: 1 year

Jenny deWeyer


Wood: Pine & MDF
Finish: Paint
Size:  340mm x 105mm
Experience: 1 year

Tom McFarline

3 x Bowls

Wood: A Taraire, B Black Wattle, C Cherry
Finish: Kauream
Size: A 135mm x 85mm, B 130mm x 50mm, C 165mm x 90mm
Experience: New

Derek Finegan


Wood: Eucalyptus
Finish: Kauream
Size: 240mm x 85mm
Experience: 20 years

John Whelan


Wood: Kauri
Finish: Kauream
Size: 270mm x 80mm
Experience: 7 years

Garry Sanford

Entries from the South Auckland Woodturners Guild

Lidded Box

Wood: Native Wood NZ & Tambootie
Embellished: Texture & Inlays & Paua
Finish: EEE & Wax
Size: 220mm x 125mm
Experience:  5+ years

Jim Jackson

Hollow Form

Wood: Kahikatea
Embellished: Pyrography
Finish: Lacquer & Dye
Size: 200mm long
Experience: 10 years

Graeme Mackay


Wood: Macrocarpa & Mahogany
Embellished: Segment
Finish: Buff
Size: 160mm x 80mm high
Experience: 8 years

Colin Wise

Rolling Pin

Wood: Oak Segments
Finish: Beall Buff
Size: 350mm long x 70mm diameter
Experience: 15 years

Jim Downs

Lidded Box

Wood: Pine & Mahogany
Finish: Sanding Sealer
Size: 16 segments bowl – 12 segments lid
Experience: 8  years

Colin Wise

Walking Stick

Wood: Kanuka
Embellished: Paua Eyes & Creeper Groove
Finish: Lacquer
Size: 960mm
Experience: 5+ years

Jim Jackson

Segmented Lidded Box

Wood: Macrocarpa & Mahogany
Finish: Sanding Sealer
Size: 85mm high x 75mm diameter
Experience: 8 years

Colin Wise

Entries from the Wairarapa Woodworkers Guild

Music Box

Wood: Maire Box: Black Maire insert and finial
Embellished: Cast Pewter band
Finish: EEE & Shellawax Glow
Size: Diameter 155mm x Height 115mm
Experience: 21 years

Graham Pearson

Wig stands

Wood: Laminated off-cuts from bread board project
Finish: EEE & Shellawax
Size: Base diameter 145mm, Top diameter 100mm, Height 280mm
Experience: 16 years
Note: Kapiti, Wellington and Wairarapa make 480 wig stands a year

Tony Waygood


Wood: Puriri
Embellished: Puriri Grub
Finish: EEE & Shellawax
Size: Height 83mm x Diameter 180mm
Experience: 16 years
Note: Puriri Moth – New Zealand’s largest moth – wingspan 150mm. Spends five or six years as a grub in a tree trunk – last 48 hours as a moth.

Tony Waygood