Franklin Arts Festival - Woodturning 2013

Comments by Terry Scott

The recent Franklin arts had a few changes to the categories this year to try and encourage more entrees. This meant an ever expanding array of turnings as entrants tried to make pieces to fit the new categories. Meaning many boundaries were pushed .The quality this year had improved in form, finish and artistic challenges.

The display area for woodturning was this year placed on the stage – a great improvement from the cramped space of past years.

One change to the prizes was that a Best of Show with a large purse had been added. Although it was only in the last week that the organisers publicised this so many were unaware of it. Having this prize taken out by Russell Snook’s seed pod was a highlight of the prize giving. Yes that’s right woodturning won out over oil paintings, ceramics, felting, quilting and photography. To take the supreme award congratulations Russell. The buzz could be heard so does this mean woodturning has now been excepted as an art form !!!

One item that was missing that I feel was to the detriment of the competition was the first time entrant award. In the past this has encouraged new turners who felt they didn’t stand up to the more seasoned entries to have a go. At the Easter Show we have all seen the delight on

The balance of the woodturning prizes were spread around many of the entrants which was great to see. The ladies in turning sure did well with Carole Knowles taking out a second.

On opening night and the prize giving, some pieces sold giving some new entrants a buzz. Well done Judith Langley whose toy car was the first to go.

I would like to encourage all that entered to start thinking about the Easter Show 2014. We have all heard the excuses of why people don’t enter “Terry Scott, Dick Veitch, Robbie Graham, Alby Hall, and the like, win all the time”. What a lot of rubbish as with the Franklin Arts many new to the fold cleaned up. Get off your butts and don’t be so lazy. Your work will benefit immensely from the creative journey.



Working Piece

Hollow Form

Franklin Woodturners Club

Franklin Woodturners Club