Feilding Turning Collaboration 2006

In the first week of January 06 a number of woodturners gathered in Feilding NZ to experiment with the concept of collaboration for just woodworkers. Using the twin workshops of Gordon Pritchard and Jim Manley, the old dairy complex proved to be just the right environment to spawn the creative impulses of the twenty-six who attended. With most of them living on site in camper vans or bunking in various out buildings of the complex and everyone eating their meals on the mezzanine floor, the group bonded quickly into a creative machine.

To set the ball rolling Gordon imposed an exercise on the attendees and divided them into teams of three setting the criteria of three parts, including a vessel, spindle turning and the vessel elevated. The results were outstanding, especially considering they all had the same rules and when the results were stood side-by-side none had anything in common except the rule sheet. Once the initial exercise was completed the attendees paired up with others or worked by themselves sharing ideas and resources and continued the odyssey. 5 days later over 60 pieces had been created, to the delight of the organizers and the attendees.

The following photos are the pieces created by these fine artists over the week, all of which will be sold to defray costs and prepare for the next Feilding Collaboration.