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  • Every Club or Guild belonging to the NAW enjoys the benefits of insurance cover specifically negotiated to provide cover for the most commonly types of public liability and statutory liability risks. A general description of the scope of the public liability and statutory liability insurance cover and answers to commonly asked questions about it is accessible through this website HERE. For most Clubs/Guilds the cost of arranging such cover individually would be greater than the Club/Guild’s NAW subscription (membership for Clubs/Guilds costs $6 per club member as at the previous 31 March, with a minimum of $60, and this “sliding scale” of membership fees is set to reflect the fact that larger clubs gain more potential benefits – they have bigger risks covered by the insurance cover, and they are more likely to take up the offer of having a touring demonstrator visit them).
  • Every NAW member receives the national magazine, Creative Wood, 4 times a year, including Clubs/Guilds (most put the magazine in their libraries).
  • The NAW Committee provides a Club Reference Manual for Clubs/Guilds, containing information and ideas about Club/Guild good governance, health and safety, promotion, etc. This is updated at least once a year after the NAW AGM and new material may be added to it.
  • Demonstrators are regularly toured around the country, normally offered to all Clubs/Guilds. Generally speaking the NAW has been able to tour demonstrators to most Clubs/Guilds that have requested that they take a demonstrator, but this is not always possible. Recent demonstrators have included George Flavell (turner/carver, Auckland), Alan Sanson (scroll saw, Palmerston North), Terry Baker (turner, NSW) and Vaughn Richmond (turner, Perth). Costs vary but a  discount is available to attendees who are individual members of the NAW. More information about such tours can be found on the sidebar to the right of this text.
  • Other benefits are less tangible
    • Details of the meetings of activities and contact details for Clubs/Guilds are published in Creative Wood and on this NAW website.
    • The NAW hosts this website, developed significantly over the last few years, as a resource to members and interested people, and improvements continue.
    • The NAW promotes a number of initiatives that are only possible when there is a membership base to help fund some of the activity, although much of what we do is actually done by volunteers. For instance, everything listed HERE in the Resources section is provided by NAW Committee members and other volunteers – Health and Safety Information (Health and Safety Pages , NAW Health and Safety Policy, NAW Workshop Safety Checklist, NAW Code of Practice for Public Displays, NAW Hazard Analysis Sheet, NAW Injury Report Form, and Links to Further Health and Safety Web sites), NAW Grants and Guides, Symposium Guide, and Wood Information (New Zealand Native Tree Species Information).
    • The NAW supports regional activities financially where inter-club activity occurs.
    • The NAW liaison people are available to Clubs/Guilds for advice and make periodic visits to Clubs/Guilds.
    • The NAW Committee is always looking for ways to enhance membership benefits – whether for individual or Club/Guild membership of the NAW.

Guild / Club Membership runs for the current financial year from 1 April to 31 March.