National Woodskills Competition Kawerau. - 13 to 15 September 2013

The following table contains a list of the winners in each category. By clicking on a category you will be presented with photographs of the winning items in that category.

Pinus radiata.
First: Ken Newton Segmented Vase
Second: Thomas Melchner Writing Desk
Third: Des Kendrick Good Idea
Highly Commended: Michael Exton The Haufen (clock)
Highly Commended: Rowan Dicks Vida

Carving Sculpture
First Equal: Leith Gray Fish Mobile
First Equal: Joe Kemp Rangatira
Third: Joe Kemp Taranga
Highly Commended: Terry Scott Koru & Clam
Highly Commended: Peter Wright Unity
Merit Award: Graeme Mackay Pacific Grained Whale
Merit Award: Roger Dean The Tale of Jeremy Fisher

Woodturning - Traditional
First: Terry Scott Hollow Form
Second: Ken Newton Lidded Box with Pentagon Finial
Third: Ken Newton Missing Segments Bowl
Highly Commended: Terry Scott Yew and Pewter Hollow Form
Highly Commended: Robbie Graham Platter
Highly Commended: Robbie Graham Bowl
Merit Award: Graeme McIntyre Bowl, Textured Band

Woodturning - Open Artistic
First: Peter Williams Circle of Friends
Second: Graeme Rigden Out of Line
Third: Robbie Graham Black Maire Leaves
Highly Commended: Ken Newton Turned Spoon and Pedestal Rings
Highly Commended: George Cross Woodland Flowers
Highly Commended: Graeme McIntyre 10 Fish on a Fly
Highly Commended: Graeme McIntyre 4 Trees
Highly Commended: Terry Scott Cinko
Merit Award: Bruce Cowley Open Vase

First: Andy Halewood Hall Table 'Slim Shady'
Second: Thomas Melchner Sideboard with Wine Rack
Third: Jacob von Holzen Trinket/Music Box
Highly Commended: Jasper Murphy Old Chair
Highly Commended: Andy Halewood Bedside Cabinet 'George'
Merit Award: Leon Dixon Rivers - Bedside Cabinets

First: Jacob von Holzen 1930 Model A Roadster
Second: Dave Page House on a Hill

First: Des Kendrick Puff
Second: Des Kendrick Dining Out
Third: Graeme Stones Blue Jay
Highly Commended: Arthur Baylis The Nativity
Highly Commended: Jacob von Holzen Pet Lambs
Merit Award: Graeme Stones Hand of Fraicus

Toys, Models, Replicas, and Games
First: Mal Baylis Gypsy Wagon
Second: Huub Maars Sisters
Third: equal Mike Buck Rocking Dino
Third: equal Gerard Mulder Locomotive - Tender/Passenger Coach
Merit Award: Mal Baylis Fantasy House
Merit Award: Des Kendrick Cannon and Limber

First: Mike Buck Jewellery Box
Second: Leilani Tunnage Mochashima
Third: Thomas Melchner Bench with Shoe Rack
Highly Commended: Leon Dixon Bookcase
Highly Commended: Peter Wright Rainbow
Merit Award: Graeme Hughes Waikato Beer Bottle Top
Merit Award: Sarah Wilkin End Table Cabinet
Merit Award: Adam Laker Alive

First: Ross MacDonald Tree & Leave, Necklace and Earing Set
Second: Ken Thomas Spinning Wheel
Third: Neville McMullien Miscellaneous
Highly Commended: Allan Jennings Decorated Screen
Highly Commended: Graeme Rigden Waives
Highly Commended: Roy Tregilgas Lazing Around Ayan (Yellow Wood)

First: Brenda Capper-Starr Circus of the Sun
Highly Commended: Chisato Newton Paake
First: Ani Hinematioro Prip Paake
Highly Commended: Chisato Newton Tuwhara
First: Seynia Watene-Kidwell Maro
Highly Commended: Florence Smith Hapainga
First: Ruth Opperman Manu Tukutuku

College Age
Michael Exton Rocking Chair

Best Local Entry
Mervyn Bennett Natural Edge Branch

The Lily Stubbs Memorial Honours Board
Neil Ruddell Tuatua Basket

National Association of Woodworkers NZ Inc.