National Woodskills Competition Kawerau. - 7 to 9 September 2012

The following table contains a list of the winners in each category.By clicking on a category you will be presented with photographs of the winning items in that category.

Pinus radiata.
First: Jane Allnatt Feather Pod
Second: Robbie Graham Pine Pod
Third: Derek Kerwood The Alpine Quarters
Highly Commended: Des Kendrick Mangonel

Carving Sculpture
First: Roger Dean Sea Shell
Second: Jane Allnatt Paw Print
Third: Joe Kemp Mana
Highly Commended: Leith Gray Autumn Dance
Highly Commended: Derek Kerwood Nautilus

Woodturning - Traditional
First: Leith Gray Mirage - Bowl
Second: Derek Kerwood Sauce Bowl
Third: Terry Scott Majestic Burl
Highly Commended: Neil Joynt Platter - My Fox Terrier
Highly Commended: Graeme Rigden Open Lattice
Highly Commended: Terry Scott Rock Me
Highly Commended: Dick Veitch Walnut Plate

Woodturning - Open Artistic
First: Greame McIntyre Pierced, Textured, Airbrushed
Second: Robbie Graham Kohuhu 2
Third: George Cross Kauri Lily Podiata
Highly Commended: Derek Kerwood Overdone
Highly Commended: Ken Newton Outside - Inside
Highly Commended: Terry Scott Carved
Highly Commended: Dick Veitch Pots
Highly Commended: Tony Waterson Lidded Box

First: Sophie McKay Lady's Love
Second: Jasper Murphy Smokers Chair
Third: equal Glen McKree CD Unit - Display Unit
Third: equal Jacob von Holzen Inlaid Trinket Box
Highly Commended: Andy Halewood Dressing Table
Highly Commended: Terry Beech Low Girl

First: Dave Page The Waiting Game
Second: Jacob von Holzen Raewyn's Garden

First: Des Kendrick Fighting Cocks
Second: Des Kendrick Autumn Harvest
Third: Arthur Baylis Standing Egret
Highly Commended: Adrian van Rijen Contemplation on Dunny

Toys, Models, Replicas, and Games
First: equal Des Kendrick Holsman 1908
First: equal Wally Seccombe Violin
Third: Mal Baylis 1855 Locomotive, Tender, Boxcar
Highly Commended: Des Kendricks Cindy’s Cab

First: Nicholas Dekker Music Stand
Second: Gavin Stilwell Lightening Stroke
Highly Commended: John Hutchingsy Feral

Best Local Entry
Peter Dooley Eagle and Fish

The Lily Stubbs Memorial Honours Board
Ken Newton Triple Swirl Mobius Ribbon

National Association of Woodworkers NZ Inc.