Feilding Turning Collaboration 2007

For the second year, the Feilding Turning Collaboration took place with 27 artists in residence for 5 days.
Again the produced pieces will be sold to defray costs.

Further details of all pieces made

Item # Name of Work People who collaborated in the making Wood used Size MM Other Materials used Embellishments Finish used
1 Moon Shadow (Project 1) Robbie Graham, Roy Miers, Jim Ross, Jan Ottow Ash, Rata 230 sq Gold leaf Ebonizing, Pyrography Wax
2 Ash Temple (Project 1) Mark von Dadelszen, John Bramley, Rex Haslip Ash 250 sq x 420 high Interference silver, Black Gesso
3 Yin and Yang (Project 1) Jan Ottow, Deon Hazelhurst, Trevor Gillbanks Kauri, Rimu 200 x 140 High Deer Antler
Danish Oil / Cannauba Wax
4 Eucalyptus Erosion Peter Oliver, Mark von Dadelszen, Vern Jensen Eucalyptus 250 dia x 70 high
Turned, carved and sandblasted Walnut oil
5 Moonlight Cruise Judy Ross, Deon Hazelhurst, Trevor Gillbanks English Walnut 230 dia x 70 high Mother of pearl Pyrography Canauba Wax
6 Hollow Form Jim Manley, Mark von Dadelszen Spalted Plane 110 dia x 90 high Fallow deer button, Corian, Coloured epoxy resin Briwax stain Shellawax
7 Romance Peter Oliver, Ross and Heather Vivian Red Beech Driftwood 450 x 300 x 70 Candle and Deer antler
Penetrol oil
8 Dolphin Cave Ross Vivian, Jim Manley, Trevor Gillbanks, Robbie Graham, Jan Ottow, Deon Hazelhurst, Gordon Pritchard Olive, Tawhero, Macrocapa, Kahikatea 400 x 200 Bone, Bronze Sand Blasted Walnut oil
9 Archery Practice (Project 1) Mark Bayliss, Heather Vivian, Dick Veitch Totara Post, Holly (Quiver), Rimu (Arrows), Mallee burr (nugget) 600 x 400 x 100 Oamaru Stone, Greenstone, Corian, Copper Wire, Chook Feather Gold nugget Wattyl Stylewood spray
10 Two Foot (Project 1) Peter Oliver, Geoff Addison, Ross Vivian Red Beech Burr, Pine Leg, Totara Leg, Unknown Leg 700 High 400 wide Twine tea stained, Aluminium pins
Boiled linseed oil
11 Recycled Box Judy Ross, Trevor Gillbanks, John Bramley Segmented Wood 90 x 60 Lily of the Valley Tree
Danish Oil
12 Bird Bath (Project 1) Jim Lowe, Ken McEwen, Maurice Watt Kauri, Mahogoney, Elm 510 x 350
Gesso Paint Oil mixture
13 Striation Roy Miers, Jim Ross, Robbie Graham Kauri, Pine 380 x 380 x 240
Burnt Danish Oil
14 Holey Heavens Geoff Addison, Rex Haslip Maire 250 x 200 Pewter
Buffing Compound
15 Tribute to Vern Jan Ottow, Jim Lowe Charcoal (from the fire) 150 x 75 x 80 Hot melt glue Burnt in fire none
16 Waste Not Want Not Judy Ross, Maurice Watt Macrocapa, Yew 105 x 105
Pyrography Danish Oil
17 Walk The Plank Heather Vivian, Geoff Addison, Jim Manley, Vern Jensen, Trevor Gillbanks Puriri 330 x 200 (15kg) Oamaru Stone
18 Breakfast Maurice Watt, Judy Ross, Allan Sanson Driftwood, Kauri 500 x 380 Paua, Paper, Pewter
Danish Oil
19 Hollow Vessel Jim Manley, Mark von Dadelszen, Trevor Gillbanks Oak 220 x 240H Resin Ebonised Danish Oil, Shellawax, Lacquer
20 Midnight Poppies Jan Ottow, Phil Quinn, Stuart Camp Cherry 70 dia x 240 h Paint Poker work, Painting Acrylic Spray
21 Holy Maire Roy Miers Maire 165 x 70

Danish Oil
22 Poor Yorick Jan Ottow, Jim Lowe Beech Burr 120 dia Paua, Necterine Stone Carved and Turned Danish Oil
23 Button Mushroom Jan Ottow, Jim Lowe Red Beech Burr, Rimu 180 x 90 Thread, Needle
Danish Oil
24 Untitled Peter Oliver, Deon Hazelhurst Red Beech 360 x 155 Dark wax and Oil Sand Blasted Boiled linseed and wax
25 Mushroom Farm Everyone Ash log and others 400 x 200 All sorts All sorts Various
26 Fish Box Geoff Addison, Teresa Gillbanks Holly 80 x 35 Ply wood, Epoxy Resin
27 Maire Bowl Jan Ottow, Jim Lowe, unknown Sunday visitor Maire 110 x 70
Dremel texture Sanding Sealer
28 Gold Rimmed Bowl Trevor Gillbanks, Mark von Dadelszen Banksia 270 x 90
Textureing and ebonising Metallic infused polish on non dried and ebonised wood
29 Tribute to Rolly Peter Oliver, Robbie Graham, Dick Veitch, Geoff Addison , Jim Manley, Heather Vivian, Rex Haslip, Jim Ross, Ross Vivian, Mark Baylis Sycamore 250 x 200 x 150

Black stain and Walnut
30 Ebony and Ivory Judy Ross, Jim Ross, Jim Manley, Jan Ottow, Black Butt 300 x 200 x 100
Ebonising Danish Oil
31 Holey Smoke Rex Haslip, Robbie Graham Black Maire 350 x 300 x 110
Pyrography JR's Mix
32 Coloured Vase Jim Manley, Mark von Dadelszen Montery Pine 240 x 160
Briwax stain Shellawax
33 Flight to Freedom (Project 1) Allan Sanson, Judy Ross, Phil Quinn Elm, Macrocapa, Jarrah 500 dia Steel pins, Paua
34 Encounter with a Black Hole Jan Ottow, Jim Lowe Kauri 350 x 150 Paua Dots Arbotec, Blow torch Oil
35 Pepper & Pearl Dick Veitch, Deon Hazelhurst Pepper Tree 175 x 65 Pearl Shell Pyrography Wattyl Stylewood
36 Flowers for Tea Heather Vivian, Teresa Gillbanks Macrocapa 200 x 200
Scroll work Oil
37 Hollow Form Roy Miers, Jan Ottow, Jime Lowe Red Beech 230x 60 Wax Thread, Ebony
Traditional Wax
38 Flying Walnut Jim Ross, Roy Miers, Robbie Graham English Walnut, Silver Beech Burr 200 x 200 x 130
Dremel work Danish Oil
39 Rebirth Jan Ottow, Jim Lowe, Adrian Dawkes, Gordon Pritchard, Phil Quinn Red Beech Burr 300 x 210 Bronze, Aluminium Cast Metal Acrylic Lacquer, Shellawax
40 Beech Dick Veitch, Mark von Dadelszen, Gordon Pritchard Red Beech 140 x 170 Bull Kelp
Danish Oil
41 Burnt Holly Geoff Addison, Deon Hazelhurst Holly 230 x 230 x 40
Pyrography Wattyl Stylewood
42 Hic Ross Vivian, Heather Vivian, Mark Bayliss, Jan Ottow, Jim Manley Kauri, Beech Burr 270 x 120 Bone Teeth, Stone eyes Burning Jim Lowes Mix
43 Tribute to the Unknown Rex Haslip, Mark Von Dadelszen London Plane 250 x 200
Water based artist paints Wattyl Stylewood spray
44 Apple on a Plate Mark Bayliss, Dick Veitch, Jan Ottow Sycamore and Spalted Maple 205 x 120 Bronze Leaves A bite of the apple Wattyl Stylewood spray
45 75 Calibre Slug Box Geoff ADDISON, Jim Manley, Mark von Dadelszen Ash 230 x 75 dia
Black Paint JR's Mix
46 Yew Two Jan Ottow, Jim Lowe Yew 304 x 110
Textured Oil
47 Laminated Jim Ross, John Bramley Laminated 200 x 60

48 Spillway Maurice Watt, Stuart Camp, Trevor Gillbanks Red Beech Burr 230 x 85

Danish Oil
49 Chickadee Allan Sanson, Teresa Gillbanks, Ken McEwen Macrocapa, Elm, Cedar, Walnu 325
Scroll work Max Wax
50 Rimu Hide Vessel Mark von Dadelszen, Rex Haslip, Dick Veitch, Peter Oliver, Robbie Graham Rimu 155 h x 210 dia U Beaut Stain, Iridescent metallic spray Textured JR mix, Acrylic Lacquer
51 That's Life Ross Vivian, Heather Vivian, Mark Bayliss, Jan Ottow, Jime Lowe, Dick Veitch, John Bramley, Allan Sanson, Trevor Gillbanks, Teresa Gillbanks, Gordon Pritchard Puriri Base, White Pine, Macrocapa, Red Beech Burr, Yew 500 H x 400 w x 700 lg Various Pyrography, Paint, Epoxy Polyurethane Spray.
52 Strummer Stuart Camp, Gary Sparrow, Ian Culver, Rex Haslip, Robbie Graham, Allan Sanson Black Maire, Ebony 600 x 350 c 350 Guitar Strings Worms Danish Oil, Sawdust, Dirt
53 Shelf Unit Peter Oliver, Trevor Gillbanks, Jan Ottow, Maurice Watt, Dick Veitch, Roy Miers, Rex Haslip, Geoff Addison, Mark Bayliss Kauri, Deer Antler, and various other 760 x 400 x 300

Boiled Linseed
54 Eternal Earth (Project 1) Gary Sparrow, Stuart Camp, Ian Culver Kauri, Maire, Driftwood and Stainless steel 1metre x 700

Boiled Linseed oil
55 Flower Vase Gordon Pritchard, Ian Culver Kauri, Elm Burr 350 x 160
Black Stain Lacquer
56 Elm Burr/Pewter Bowl Gordon Pritchard, Phil Quinn Elm Burr 250 x 120 Pewter
57 Reflections Heather Vivian, Ross Vivian, Deon Hazelhurst, Jim Manley, Dick Veitch Rimu 450 x 60
Pyrography Wattyl Stylewood spray
58 Yellow Potty Jan Ottow, Jim Lowe Tagua Nut, Deer Antler 45mm
59 Flambe Robbie Graham, Peter Oliver, Stuart Camp Kauri 180 x 160 h
Pyrography Lacquer
60 Rocking Bowl Deon Hazelhurst, Peter Oliver London Plane 415 x 110
Chainsaw Texture, dye work Wax
61 Ecentricity Roy Miers, Stuart Camp, Rex Haslip, Robbie Graham Rimu, Kauri, Maire 400 x 350 Waxed Twine, Stainless Steel
Spray Lacquer
62 City Scape Peter Oliver, Trevor Gillbanks, Gordon Pritchard, Allan Sanson Tasmanian Blackwood, London Plane


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