Royal Easter Show 2016

Photos: Dick Veitch

The following table contains a list of the winners in each category.This link will display a complete gallery of the winning items.

Decorated Bowls Title
First: Terry Scott Wait and See
Second: Jim Lowe Beside the Seaside
Third: Dick Veitch Precious Critters
Merit : Jim Lowe Funky Dance

Plain Bowls Title
First: Graeme McIntyre Pohutukawa Bowl
Second: Ian Outshoorn Pearl Essence
Third: Cam Cosford Swamp Rata
Merit: Terry Scott No Decoration Allowed
Merit: Dick Veitch Natural Beauty

Plates/Platters Title
First: Terry Scott Bait Ball
Second: Phil Quinn Remembrance
Third: John Moat JM Untitled 2
Merit: Graeme McIntyre Twelve Leaves

Hollow Forms/Vases Title
First: Dick Veitch Ancient Trio
Second: Wim Nijmeijer Pedestal Hollow Form and Finial
Third: Judith Langley Sea Horse Hollow
Merit: Graeme McIntyre Rimu Vase with Leaves
Merit: Peter Hewitt Cherry Hollow Form

Domestic Ware Title
First: Raymond Scott Black and White
Second: Bob Firth Hot Hot Pot
Third: Graeme McIntyre Walking Stick
Merit: Ross Vivian How's That
Merit: Jim Lowe Three Sisters

Lidded Boxes Title
First: Terry Scott Wings
Second: Dick Veitch For Butterflies
Third: Neil Joynt Pooro Taonga Box
Merit: Graeme McIntyre Box with Painted Butterflies

Ornamental Title
First: Gordon Pembridge Sandy Bay Pohutukawa
Second: Ian Outshoorn Hot Rod
Third: Graeme McIntyre Whimsical Dragonflies
Merit: Terry Scott Bowler Hat
Merit: Wim Nijmeijer Four Seasons

Woodcarving Title
First: Jane Allnatt Eye of the Storm
Second: Jane Allnatt Pohutukawa Koru
Third: Graeme Mackay Shell One

Natural Title
First: Terry Scott Leaves 6
Second: Wim Nijmeijer Natural Edge Bowl
Third: Chris Hooton Natures Best
Merit: Dick Veitch From Tiny Seeds

First Time Entrant Title
First: Maria Abdulina Table "Sun of the Faith"

Special Awards

Supreme Exhibit in Show: Sandy Bay Pohutukawa by Gordon Pembridge

Best Overall Woodcrafter: Terry Scott

National Association of Woodworkers NZ Inc.