The Easter Show 2013

Photos: Dick Veitch

The following table contains a list of the winners in each category.By clicking on a category title you will be presented with photographs of the winning items in that category.

Small Bowls Title
First: Ian Outshoorn Yin Yang
Second: Peter Williams Untitled
Third: Graeme Mackay Just a Little
Merit : Terry Scott Kanza Cherry
Merit : Ian Outshoorn Day at the Beach
Merit : Stephen Petterson Kereru
Merit : Jim Lowe Oh Gee!

Large Bowls Title
First: Terry Scott Leaves on Coolibah
Second: Jim Lowe Maire Bowl
Third: Graeme Mackay Mostly There
Merit: Dick Veitch Square
Merit: Terry Scott Kava & Pohutukawa
Merit: Jim Lowe Orc #2

Plain Bowls Title
First: Peter Williams Untitled
Second: Troy Grimwood Tawa Bowl
Third: Ross Johnson Plane Bowl
Merit: Ian Outshoorn Walnut Beauty

Plates/Platters Title
First: Ross Johnson Traditional Symmetry
Second: Dick Veitch Walnut Flames
Third: Ian Outshoorn Thanks for the memories
Merit: Richard Johnstone Red Waves
Merit: Bruce Wood Glistening Sands
Merit: Troy Grimwood Grubs Up

Hollow Forms/Vases Title
First: Cam Cosford Offcuts
Second: Jim Lowe Narrow Red Line
Third: Peter Williams Untitled
Merit: Dick Veitch Burlwood
Merit: Troy Grimwood Lost Vessel #2

Domestic Ware Title
First: Ross Johnson Highs and Lows
Second: Troy Grimwood Timber Mill
Third: Norm Jenner Childs Chair
Merit: Hadi Rezaei Bass Dulcimer

Lidded Boxes Title
First: Jim Lowe Poised
Second: Terry Scott Winged Box
Third: Rex Marshall I.C.U.

Ornamental Title
First: Gordon Pembridge African Dream
Second: Mahsa Khosravi The Old House
Third: Graeme Mackay Pacific Texture
Merit: Dick Veitch Kamahi Pots
Merit: Dick Veitch Kamahi Tubes
Merit: Graeme Rigden Hidden Diamond
Merit: Phil Quinn Yew Vase

Woodcarving Title
First: Jane Allnatt High Tide
Second: Robyn Harper The 7 Stars of Matariki
Third: Robyn Harper Koru/Manaia

Natural Title
First: Terry Scott The Edge
Second: Terry Scott Burl Bowl
Third: Ross Johnson Natures Gem
Merit: Jim Lowe Look @ Me
Merit: Dick Veitch Pohutukawa

Best Item by a First Time Entrant Title
First: Tony Cheyne Outer Orbit
Second: Walter Drayton 20,000 Years Released

Youth Award Title
Daniel Rush Waves of New Zealand

Special Awards

Supreme Exhibit in Show: African Dream by Gordon Pembridge

Best Overall Woodcrafter: Terry Scott

National Association of Woodworkers NZ Inc.