The Easter Show 2012

5 to 9 April

Photos: Dick Veitch

The following table contains a list of the winners in each category.By clicking on a category title you will be presented with photographs of the winning items in that category.

Small Bowls Title
First: Terry Scott Quilted
Second: Dick Veitch Aged
Third: Phil Quinn Forest Leaves
Merit : Graeme Mackay Just Going
Merit : Dick Veitch Knurled

Large Bowls Title
First: Terry Scott Tuis and Pohutukawa
Second: Graeme McIntyre Pohutukawa
Third: Dick Veitch Never Flew
Merit: Mike Lewis Quilted

Plain Bowls Title
First: Dick Veitch Figured by the Forest
Second: Terry Scott Plain As
Third: Peter Gray Untitled
Merit: Dick Veitch Once Watched the Sea
Merit: Bruce Powley Swirl Bowl

Plates/Platters Title
First: Stephen Petterson Rangitoto
Second: Mike Lewis Time Warped
Third: Russell Barnes Untitled
Merit: Terry Scott Serve It Up
Merit: Dick Veitch Rescued II
Merit: Terry Scott Pohutukawa in the Sand

Hollow Forms/Vases Title
First: Terry Scott Jacobs Vessel
Second: Terry Scott Pohutukawa Haze
Third: Peter Gray Tilt 2
Merit: Graeme McIntyre Apple

Domestic Ware Title
First: Dick Veitch To be Used
Second: Dick Veitch Red Deer
Third: Trevor Watson March of the Penguins
Merit: Norm Jenner Pepper Grinders

Lidded Boxes Title
First: Terry Scott Ferns in the Forest
Second: Tony Waterson A Touch of Flame
Third: Terry Scott Stacked
Merit: Dick Veitch Keepsake
Merit: David Jones Ash and Ebony

Ornamental Title
First: Gordon Pembridge Koru Fern "From the Wood"
Second: Graeme McIntyre Macrocarpa Vessel
Third: Gordon Pembridge Koru Fern Vessel
Merit: Dick Veitch Black Beauties
Merit: Mike Lewis Nautilus
Merit: Phil Quinn Green Vase

Woodcarving Title
First: Jane Allnatt Koru Basket
Second: Jane Allnatt Rope Vessel
Third: Jane Allnatt Pacific

Natural Title
First: Mike Lewis Rough and Smooth
Second: Graeme McIntyre Black Maire
Third: Terry Scott Nice One
Merit: Dick Veitch From Northern Forests
Merit: Terry Scott Bug Escape

Best item Title
Jack Godfrey Trinket Box

Special Awards

Youth Award: Lattice Vase by Daniel Rush

Supreme Exhibit in Show: Rangitoto by Stephen Petterson

Best Overall Woodcrafter: Terry Scott

National Association of Woodworkers NZ Inc.