The Royal Easter Show 2011

Photos: Dick Veitch

The following table contains a list of the winners in each category.By clicking on a category you will be presented with photographs of the winning items in that category.

Class 31: Small Bowls Title
First: Graeme McIntyre Black maire bowl
Second: Mike Lewis Reach for the stars
Third: Mike Lewis Carousel
Merit : Dick Veitch Thin but hearty

Class 32: Large Bowls Title
First: Terry Scott Let the game begin
Second: Mike Lewis Patchwork
Third: Ross Johnson Untitled
Merit: Terry Scott Overflowing 3

Class 33: Plain Bowls Title
First: Terry Scott Quilted maple
Second: Look Ma, no holes Ian Outshoorn
Third: Mike Lewis Let the wood do the talking
Merit: Dick Veitch Plainly Oak
Merit: Graeme McIntyre Rimu bowl

Class 34: Plates/Platters Title
First: Dick Veitch Nearly ashes
Second: Terry Scott Rust never sleeps
Third: Mike Lewis Maritime
Merit: Terry Scott Pohutukawa and Kauri
Merit: Phil Quinn Autumn Pond

Class 35: Hollow Forms/Vases Title
First: Cam Cosford Bits and pieces
Second: Dick Veitch Shapely and see-thru
Third: Terry Scott Bitter and Twisted
Merit: Peter Gray Urn on legs
Merit: Mike Lewis Orientation

Class 36: Domestic Ware Title
First: Dick Veitch Rubbish
Second: Dick Veitch For a kiwi's maid
Third: Bruce Hannah Swamp kauri condiments set
Merit: Terry Scott Ancient kauri
Merit: Terry Scott Spoons

Class 37: Lidded Boxes Title
First: Ken Thomas Untitled
Second: Rex Marshall Aftershock 5.2
Third: Dick Veitch Ripples
Merit: Terry Scott Box 1
Merit: Mike Lewis Eastern influence

Class 38: Ornamental Title
First: Graeme McIntyre Pierced, textured and painted
Second: Mike Lewis Three in one
Third: Dick Veitch Pepper spray
Merit: Terry Scott Mantaray and pohutukawa 3
Merit: Keith Hastings Tea Pot

Class 39: Woodcarving Title
First: Jane Allnatt Labyrinth
Second: Terry Scott Fingers and Thumbs
Third: Jane Allnatt Leaf pourer

Class 40: Natural Title
First: Dick Veitch Thin pohut
Second: Russell Snook Wrapt
Third: Terry Scott Natural burl
Merit: Ian Outshoorn Firewood redeemed

First Time Entrant Best item Title
First: Warwick Day Miro bowl
Second: Michael Ashley Ripple Bowl

Special Awards

Supreme Exhibit: Graeme McIntyre - Pierced, textured and painted

Best Overall Woodcrafter: Dick Veitch

Best Item by First Time Turner: Warwick Day - Miro bowl

National Association of Woodworkers NZ Inc.